What are Escape Rooms?


Pirate Flag Escape Room New Orleans is a city known for its unique architecture, including mansions of all descriptions. Mystere Mansion stands out in the crowd as a premiere party venue. The evening begins with your group becoming locked in a room as a part of your Mystere Mansion New Orleans Escape Room experience. There are 5 distinctive experiences for you to explore, each having a different level of difficulty and age appropriateness.

There is the Game Room, rated “G” for general audiences, which requires a medium skill level. Meet Morto, the puppet clue master. You might find it equally enticing to have a pirate adventure in the Treasure Hunt, exploring the caverns of Barataria Cove where Jean Lafitte and other notorious pirates frequented to bury treasures. The objective in all rooms is to find all of the clues, solve the riddles, find the keys, and escape the room… all in under 60 minutes!Zombie Hord Escape RoomAt a higher level of difficulty and intensity are the Serial Killer Lair and the Zombie Escape in the Embalming Room. In the Serial Killer’s Lair, an intense encounter, you and your friends will get caught up in a maze-like serial killer’s lair. You’ll be taunted by a stalker that can be heard but not seen. The Zombie Escape in the Embalming Room is an equally intense and difficult New Orleans Escape Room experience. There is a blood thirsty zombie chained in the room to protect the key. Little by little the chain is released and, if you do not escape before 60 minutes has expired, the zombie will get you. These are physically challenging rooms.

In time for Halloween, there will also be the Ghost Lab, an equally intense, difficult, and physically challenging New Orleans Escape Room experience. Your group will take the elevator to the top floor to the Houdini Séance Chamber and unwittingly participle in the summoning of a Poltergeist. Oh the horror!

Author: Sallie Arnoult
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